Logging services

Gamma ray & gamma ray neutron logging
o Shoot-thru gamma ray 1 11/16" ~ 3 1/8"

Cement bond logging
o Dual receiver & radial tools

Production logging

Temperature logging, absolute & differential

Noise & noise/temperature logging

Flow meters

Collar logs

High temperature logging: all tools rated 400ºF. ~ 450ºF.

High pressure logging services to 15 KPSI

All digital logging

Log data archiving
Perforating services

Thru-tubing 1 3/8" to 2 1/8"

Casing guns 3 1/8" to 6"

High density perforating (6 to 12 shots/ft.)

Magnetic orienting

Retrievable tubing guns

Retrievable expendable guns

Expendable guns

Circulation guns

High temperature perforating: all tools rated 400ºF. ~ 450ºF.