Pipe recovery services

Free Point & Back-Off
o 11/16" to 1 1/2" free point tools

Chemical & jet cutters

Casing & tubing cutters

Stuck pipe log
Plug & packer services

Packer setting

Cement retainer setting

Bridge plugs

Vented & non-vented plugs

Magna range plugs

Junk catcher

Dump bailers
Pump down perforating & logging

Radial bond logs

Plugs & select fire perforating
Tubing conveyed perforating
Other capabilities & services

Inland marine service
o Truck on barge
o Skid units

Crane trucks

Sour well equipment

High pressure grease injectors, 5 ~ 15 KPSI

XpressPlot™ log plots emailable directly from the job site